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Extra long beds (220 cm) for tall people

If you’re someone who falls on the taller side you know what it’s like to wake up at night because you hit your feet at the end of the bed. You also made the experience how annoying it is to have your feet constantly sticking out over the end of the bed.

This is where an extra long bed comes in handy that provides the extra legroom and allows you a restful sleep.

The German standard length for beds is 200 cm. However, this length is not sufficient for everybody.

As a rule of thumb for determining the optimal bed length for yourself is provided by the following formula:

Height (in cm) + 20 cm = optimal bed length

From this, one could deduce that a standard bed for a person with more than 180 cm height is already too small.

However, the individual sleeping habits are very different. For example a taller person may be able to cope with a bed of standard length well, if he or she is used to sleep with legs bent, while a smaller person should sleep better in an over-length bed because he likes to stretch out completely.


For people who need a bit more legroom:

Extra long beds by ROOM IN A BOX

Whether you need a single bed or double bed with extra length. We offer all sizes of our cardboard bed with 220 cm length in our shop at a reasonable price (starting at 89.90 €):

80 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size S - from 89.90 €)

90 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size S - from 89.90 €)

100 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size Sbed 2.0 extension set = from 114.80 €)

120 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size M - 134.90 €)

140 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size Mbed 2.0 extension set = from 159.80 €)

160 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size L - 169.90 €)

180 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size L - 169,90 €)

200 x 220 cm (bed 2.0, size Lbed 2.0 extension set = from 194,80 €)

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