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Co-Sleeping in the family bed implemented in an uncomplicated way

More and more parents are making the conscious decision to share the bed with their children. With our "Bed 2.0", young parents have an uncomplicated, cost-effective and sustainable option for co-sleeping. Thanks to its flexible use, our cardboard bed can be adapted to the individual needs of the whole family - simply and without big efforts.

With the growth of the children or a new family member, the demands on the common bed often change. The cardboard bed 2.0 can be flexibly adapted and extended to these new requirements in a few simple steps. Several beds can be connected without any problems by means of a simple plug connection. With the extension set, the length of the beds can also be changed without great effort and adjusted for mattresses in special dimensions. Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity and stability, it can withstand even hours of play in the morning without any problems. Sustainable, inexpensive and comfortable - the cardboard bed is the ideal solution for young parents to enjoy sleeping next to their children in all phases of childhood.

Sleeping side by side - a natural need of parents and children

Many anthropologists today argue that co-sleeping in the family bed is the most natural form of child sleep from an evolutionary point of view and has been practiced since the beginning of humanity. In countless cultures worldwide, this is still a matter of course today. Only in the western industrial nations has this form of sleep gradually been replaced by separate beds in recent centuries. For several decades, however, the family bed has been making a comeback as an alternative to the parent's bed and children's room. In addition to a general rethinking process among young parents, this is also due to the tireless work of a number of renowned scientists who are committed to needs-oriented child education, so-called attachment parenting.

Healthy and emotionally balanced right from the start

When the whole family shares a bed, there are countless advantages for parents and children alike. From a scientific point of view, the uninterrupted closeness to the mother during the night means a healthy physical and psychological development of the newborn. In the family bed, the baby's sleep cycle is similar to that of the mother, which stabilises and regulates vital functions in the still immature body. At the same time, a harmonious breastfeeding relationship can be established without the mother having to forego a restful sleep. The result: parents are rested in the morning and can devote themselves to their daily duties without restriction during the day. Right from the start, the children experience a feeling of security, develop a healthy relationship to sleep, are more emotionally balanced overall and discover their world with self-confidence.

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