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HOMESTORY | Visiting Stephanie and her family

We discovered Stephanie on Instagram (you can find her there @der8teundder9tezwerg) and were amazed by the insights she gives into her family's home and want to share some of them with you.
The bright apartment is a stylish mix of old and new. Many great design classics meet selected vintage pieces. Plants and works of art can also be found in abundance. In the children's rooms she uses our ROOM IN A BOX cardboard beds. But see for yourself how lovingly Stephanie's home is furnished:

The cardboard bed in white fits totally well to selected splashes of colour. Like here in the nursery. But that's also important:

The cardboard beds can withstand every situation!!

We are very happy about everyone who shares photos of their own cardboard bed with us. You can simply tag us on instagram (@room_in_a_box) or add the hashtags #cardboardbed or #roominabox to your description.
The copyright of the pictures is subject to Stephanie (@der8teundder9tezwerg).
Thank you dear Stephanie, that we may show your beautiful pictures. 

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