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How to produce inexpensive ecological furniture in Germany

When we started with ROOM IN A BOX in 2013, we were already 100% sure about one topic. Namely in our view of what is a good piece of furniture for us.

A good piece of furniture must convince not only in function and design, but also in terms of sustainability and price.

While there are already many organic products in the food sector, there are still very few suppliers of environmentally friendly furniture in the furniture industry.

Due to their nature, furniture is usually material-intensive, they are manufactured in complex production lines and their dispatch is quite expensive due to their size and volume. Nevertheless, many customers expect a low sales price for furniture. The solution for many furniture manufacturers is to outsource production to low-wage countries, where cheap composite materials are often processed under poor working conditions. Some of these contain a wealth of chemical substances that are neither good for the environment nor for humans. A short Google search for keywords as "furniture" and "poisons" reveals a lot.

Although supply and demand for sustainable furniture are constantly growing, the prices for this type of furniture are usually very high. A good ecologically manufactured wooden bed costs 1.500€ and more.

Sustainability at a low price - a contradiction?

Not at all! Our ROOM IN A BOX furniture is durable, sustainable and affordable. To achieve this goal, we have chosen a new material far removed from the standard raw materials used in furniture construction: our high-quality  AVANA corrugated board!

This can be processed in highly automated factories in Germany, which are actually specialized in the production of packaging materials, in an  environmentally friendly manner. This allows us to build on an existing infrastructure while eliminating the need for our own costly production lines. Waste produced during production goes directly back into the material cycle.

In addition, we already rely on standardized components while designing our cardboard furniture. These can then be manufactured in large quantities with consistently high quality.

Subsequently the furniture is shipped ready assembled into one piece. The following video gives you an insight into our production:

At the end of the chain is a high-quality and durable design product that is manufactured in Germany under fair and environmentally friendly conditions from a raw material that can be 100% recycled at the end of the product life cycle. Our  cardboard bed is available from a price below 100€ (delivery included).

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