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​Why you don´t need a slatted frame for our cardboard bed…

We spend a third of our lives asleep. That is why we should select the right bed carefully. After all, a restful night is the basis for our daily performance.

No slatted frame? That can´t be healthy!

Choosing the right bed, which is usually used in combination with a slatted frame, is often a highly complex matter. The range of variants is - just like the price range - immense. Slatted frames are advertised with fear of back problems and it is tried to justify high prices with a wide range of functionalities. So do I need a slatted frame to really lie ergonomically correct?

According to Stiftung Warentest (issue 10/2015), the exact opposite is the case. The testers have looked at commercially available models in all price categories and come to the conclusion:

"No[slatted frame] has more effects than a regular chipboard, in part they even worsen the lying properties of mattresses, especially for back sleepers. If you do not need an adjustable head or foot section, you should choose a simple, preferably rigid frame [..."]" Source

That's exactly what our cardboard bed provides. It kills six birds with one stone. It works like a bed frame with built-in rigid slatted frame. It not only ensures an even weight distribution, but also brings your mattress to a comfortable height and also ensures that it is always well ventilated. Your wallet is happy too. Our cardboard bed, in connection with a neat mattress, is thus a sustainable and complete alternative to conventional sleeping solutions.

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