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Why do we use corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard has unfairly not a good image. Most of us use it as packaging material, which is usually disposed directly. Also with cardboard moving boxes, most of us also have rather bad experiences, often the finger holes tear or the ground breaks out much too easily.

So why build furniture out of corrugated cardboard?

Because not all corrugated board is the same.

AVANA cardboard

Corrugated cardboard consists of several layers of paper, which are formed into their characteristic shape with the help of starch glue.

The glued corrugated paper layers create a new lightweight material with extremely high rigidity.

The quality of the paper used is decisive for the resilience of the corrugated cardboard. For shipping or moving cartons, light and inexpensive papers are usually used in production.

For ROOM IN A BOX cardboard furniture, however, we use our special Avana corrugated cardboard: Particularly high-quality craft papers weighing up to 300 g / m² (for comparison: 80 g / m² copy paper) are glued together in several layers.

In the form of corrugated cardboard or honeycomb cardboard, paper thus becomes a strong carrier.

Just like an ant, our cardboard bed can carry 100 times its "body weight". With a net weight of just 10 kg, our small sized bed carries a hefty 1,000 kg / m2.

The secret of the stability of our cardboard furniture lies in the correct construction and the selection of suitable papers.

Did you know that at least 70% of the corrugated board we process consists of recycled paper fibres and can be 100 percent recycled?

Here you can find more information about our efforts to protect the environment. 

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