1. I misplaced my manual. What to do now?
Don't worry. Here you can download the required manual as a PDF file.

2. Which kind of matresses are suitable for the bed?

We do not reccomend the use of extremely soft matresses like futons. Other than that you can use all common mattresses with a minimum thickness of 12 cm.

3. Do I need an adittional slatted frame under the matress?
No, you do not need a slatted frame. Just put your matress on the cardboard base. The construction allows the air to circulate sufficiently under your matress.

4. What happens if the bed gets wet?

No reason to panic! It will not drown. Just remove the fluid with a dry towel. If only a small part of the bed get wet, the construction will not loose it’s stability.

5. Can I use two single matresses on the large version of the bed?

Yes, that is possible. In this case we suggest you to place a rubberized matress protector between the bed and the matresses, so they cannot drift away from each other. A fitted sheet that covers both matresses can also be helpful.

6. How much weight does your bed hold?

Our bed holds more than 1.000 kgs./m
2, if loaded evenly.

7. How durable is the bed?
It is not a problem to collapse and expand the bed on a daily basis. If a part gets damaged, spare parts can be supplied. Our cardboard furniture is designed to last for many years.

8. Is the bed easy inflammable?

Cardboard is as easy or hard to inflame as wood of the same thickness. The bed is not treated with flame retardend substancies.

9. What materials is the product made of?

The bed is purely made of corrugated cardboard which contains at least 70% recycled paper and is 100% recycable. Corrugated cardboard is a very eco-friendly product made from cellulosis and starch (corn/wheat) glue. The paint used for coloring the beds is water-based and absolutely non-toxic.

10. How can I dispose my bed?

The bed can be disposed easily via your local paper recycling system. This enables old beds to become fresh sheets of paper. And in this way old beds can become new beds.

11. Can you have sex on the bed without it crashing?
In our bed you can do all the things you do in any other bed. Also sex. We have tested this for you in a long-term study.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or the distributor you bought the bed from. We are happy to help you!