1. I've misplaced the manual. What now?

That is not a problem.  Here you can download the required instruction manual in PDF format.
2. What happens if I spill water and the cardboard furniture gets wet?

No need to panic, the furniture will not drown! Simply wipe the liquid on the cardboard with a dry cloth without detergent and let it dry in the air. As long as only a small area gets wet (example: spilled glass of water), you don't have to worry about the stability of the cardboard furniture.
3. Are cardboard furniture fire-sensitive?
Corrugated board is just as flame-retardant as untreated wood panels of the same thickness. Our ROOM IN A BOX furniture has no fire classification.
4. What are the ingredients of the cardboard furniture?

Our cardboard furniture consists exclusively of certified corrugated cardboard. This is made of at least 70% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Corrugated board is a natural product made of cellulose and adhesives based on corn or wheat. The printing inks used are solvent-free and neither toxic nor harmful to health. Therefore cardboard furniture from ROOM IN A BOX are eco-friendly and harmless products.
5. Can I also paint the cardboard furniture?
There are no limits to creativity. If your cardboard furniture is too pale for you, we recommend the use of acrylic paint. This is best applied thinly and evenly with a foam roller. Of course, we cannot guarantee the perfect final result.
6. How can I dispose my cardboard furniture?

If the cardboard furniture is no longer used at some point, it can simply be disposed in the waste paper bin. This is how old cardboard furniture can be turned into new cardboard furniture.
7. Shouldn't cardboard furniture be cheaper?
For more transparency: standard packaging is made of inferior cardboard by the millions.  The cardboard furniture made by ROOM IN A BOX, on the other hand, is manufactured in small quantities from the best available corrugated cardboard quality, completely produced in Germany and assembled by hand. This is how we create high-quality cardboard furniture that will last you for a long time.
8. How can I change the size of the bed?
You can find instructions in the instruction manual or in this video.
9. How strong is the bed?

The cardboard bed can carry up to 1,000 kg/sqm when loaded evenly and can be easily pulled open and together for hundreds of times.
10. Do I need a slatted frame for the bed?
No, no separate slatted frame is required. Simply place the mattress on the bed. Stiftung Warentest (Link) advises its readers to explicitly use a rigid mattress base. This is exactly what our cardboard bed does.
11. How is sufficient air circulation ensured for the bed?
Corrugated board is generally very breathable. Due to the diamond shaped construction of the bed base and the slits on its sides, the air is pumped outwards when moving on the mattress. To ensure a good circulation, a hand-wide gap should be provided between the walls and the long sides of the bed during set up. This prevents the formation of mould.
12. Which mattresses are suitable for the bed?
In general, most types of mattresses (apart from futons) work with our bed. However, make sure that the mattress is at least 15 cm thick. We recommend the SNOOZE Project mattress, which you can order directly from us.
13. Can I use two single mattresses on a double bed?

Yes, that is possible. In this case we recommend the use of a rubberised mattress protector which is placed between the bed and the mattresses so that the mattresses cannot slip apart. It is also helpful to use a fitted sheet which reaches over both mattresses.
14. How durable is the bed?

The bed can be pushed apart and back together as often as desired. If you should ever break a part, you can ask us for a spare part. Cardboard furniture is not disposable and can be used for many years even after several moves.
15. Can I have sex on the bed without it collapsing?
In our bed you can do everything you usually or unusually do in any other bed. Also sex. We have tested this especially for you in a long-term study. Our bed has been tested by the German TÜV according to DIN EN 1725 and thus meets all the requirements that a bed in Germany must meet.
16. The bed slides on the floor. What can I do?
If you have a very smooth floor in your bedroom, it can happen that the bed slips a bit. If this bothers you, a classic anti-slip carpet underlay can help. These are available very cheap online or at your local DIY store.
17. On the inside of my bed I can see small cracks in the upper material, is my bed damaged?
This so-called "angel's hair" in the upper layer of the cardboard can occur during production when the punching tool is cutting out the cardboard. This is not a material defect and is not a reason for reclamation. It is normally inside and should not be visible on the outside layer. Due to the thickness of the material we use, we cannot avoid this to a 100%. You don't have to worry about the quality and stability of the bed - it won't be affected in any way.
18. I want to enlarge my bed, what additional components do I need?
On page 8 of our manual you will find an overview of the different bed sizes and the number of components used. Instructions on how to remove or add components (rhombuses) can be found in the manual on page 6.
Size S to size M
Starting from the default size S, you will need a total of 6 more rhombuses to reach the default size M. Please purchase three extension sets.
Size M to size L
Two S-beds are required, which have to be connected to one large bed. Please buy one additional S-bed and change your old M-bed to the size of an S-bed. Unfortunately it is not possible to convert your bed using one or more extension sets. In order to convert the M-bed to an S-bed (both default size), 6 rhombuses must be removed from the M-bed.

If your question has not been answered here, please contact us at  hello@roominabox.de