1. Help, I have lost my manual. What can I do?
Don't worry. You can download the required manual here.

2. What happens if I spill some water and the cardboard furniture gets wet?

No reason to panic, it will not drown! Just remove the fluid with a dry towel. If only a small part of the furniture gets wet, the construction will not loose its stability.

3. Is cardboard furniture easy inflammable?

Cardboard is as easy or hard to inflame as wood of the same thickness. Our ROOM IN A BOX products are not treated with flame retardant substances.

4. What materials is the cardboard furniture made of?

Our products are made of corrugated cardboard, which contains at least 70% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. Corrugated cardboard is a very eco-friendly product made from cellulose and starch (corn/wheat) glue. The paints used for colouring are water-based and absolutely non-toxic.

5. Is it possible to paint my cardboard furniture?
Creativity has no limits. We recommend the use of acrylic paint. To spread the paint evenly to a thin layer, it is best to use a small foam roller. Please be aware that we do not guarantee a perfect final result.

6. How can I dispose my cardboard furniture?

The furniture can be disposed easily via your local paper recycling system. This way old cardboard furniture can become new ones.

7. Should cardboard furniture not be less expensive?
To be transparent: Standard packages are made of substandard cardboard. Our ROOM IN A BOX furniture is produced in small numbers out of best quality corrugated cardboard. They are assembled by hand and made in Germany. As a result you get valuable cardboard furniture with which you will have fun for a long time.

8. How do I modify the size of the bed?
Please see the instructions in the  manual or in this video tutorial.

9. How much weight does the bed hold?

If loaded evenly, our bed holds up to 1.000 kg/sqm and can be unfolded hundreds of times.

10. Do I need a slatted frame for the bed?
No, you do not need an additional slatted frame. Just put your mattress on top of the bed.

11. How does the bed provide a proper air circulation?
Corrugated cardboard itself is very breathable. Due to the rhombus construction with its slits at both sides, with every movement on top of the bed air is pumped outside. To guarantee this, there should be a hand´s width gap between walls and the long sides of the bed. This way mold formation is prevented.

12. Which kind of mattresses are suitable for the bed?
In general, all mattress types except of futons are compatible with our bed. However, please ensure that your mattress has a minimum height of 15 cm.

13. Can I use two single mattresses on the large version of the bed?

Yes, that is possible. In this case we suggest you to place a rubberized mattress protector between the bed and the mattresses, so they cannot drift away from each other. A fitted sheet that covers both mattresses can also be helpful.

14. How durable is the bed?
It is not a problem to unfold the bed on a daily basis. If a part gets damaged, spare parts can be supplied. Our cardboard furniture is designed to last for many years.

15. Can I have sex on the bed without crashing it?
In our bed you can do all the things you would do in any other bed as well. Also sex. We have tested this for you in a long-term study.

16. The bed is sliding on the floor. What can I do?
If you have a very slick flooring in your bedroom, it can happen that the bed is sliding a bit. In case this bothers you, please use an anti-slip mat for prevention. You can get one very affordable online or in your favourite hardware store.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or the distributor you bought the bed from. We are happy to help you!