Hold my beer, I have a great idea!

After stumbling over a paper chair at a sustainability fair in 2011, Gerald wanted to talk to everyone about it. Even when he met Lionel in a jolly mood at a house party, there was no difference. With a small variation: instead of asking critical questions, Lionel's eyes began to shine as well. Nothing has changed up to now.
ROOM IN A BOX has grown steadily ever since. That motivates us:
Make life easier. Much furniture is heavy and immobile. ROOM IN A BOX cardboard furniture is light, quick to order, quickly delivered and assembled and dismantled in minutes. The result is furniture that will support you during all of your adventures.
Produce furniture that makes sense. Made in Germany, our sustainable corrugated cardboard furniture causes low emissions on the one hand, on the other hand they are also extremely durable. Our furniture will not let you down and is still affordable.
Develop furniture that makes you feel good. Our furniture is not a temporary, but a complete alternative. In addition, cardboard furniture is not only pleasant to touch, it also looks great and has a regulating effect on the indoor climate.

All this and many further aspects are the reason why we work with so much passion on ROOM IN A BOX.

Lionel, Leonie, Julia and Gerald

Our standards


Unsere Produkte werden flach verpackt zu dir nach Hause geliefert. Mit wenigen Handgriffen sind sie einsatzbereit.


Unsere Produkte bestehen aus zertifizierter Wellpappe mit einem Recyclinganteil von mindestens 70 % und sind vegan.


Wir versenden mit DPD. In der Regel erreicht dich deine Bestellung innerhalb von 1-3 Werktagen. 


Wir benutzen qualitativ hochwertige Wellpappe, die extrem belastbar ist.

Made in Germany

Unsere Produkte werden fair und umweltschonend in Deutschland hergestellt.


Unsere Produkte sind zu 100 % recycelbar.